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Level 3 Robot

This unit's topic is "navigation." A variety of more advanced sensors and programming techniques are available at this level.

The parts for this level include:

  • Encoders -- to measure the distance each wheel has moved.
  • Digital Rate Gyroscope -- to determine heading (rotation).
  • Accelerometer -- to determine tilt (translation), e.g. for a balancing robot.
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder (sonar) -- to measure distance to an object.
  • Compass -- to measure heading.
  • Student show-and-tell / student-motivated sensors.

Participants should purchase the item(s) of interest (see the Level 3 parts page for suggestions); the workshop will be custom-tailored to the interests of the attendees.

Possible additional topics include tutorials on:

  • Using EAGLE to design schematics and custom PCBs.
  • Using TurboCAD to design a chassis.