April 1997

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An ASM11 Primer

PCBUG11 Primer

Cheap Sonar

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The Basics

Scheduled Events   Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
April 19th, 1997   The whole afternoon tech session idea is working extremely well. The afternoon is going to be dedicated to construction and debugging. Bring your toys, tools, and pizza money. We will be ordering takeout.
May 17th   Our Spring ROBOTHON event.

Quick Notes   Interesting bits of news and trivia
68HC11E2's for sale   Wyle Electronics has MC68HC811E2FN chips available for sale. The single quantity price for these parts is $18.10. Get'm while they are hot!

Hot Links   Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents   This is good every time! This Frequently Asked Questions list is a great resource for everyone.
Arrick Robotics   Some interesting gadgets and robotics related stuff
Journal of PC/104 Controlled Systems   Has a lot of information about PC/104 based computers. PC/104 is an expandable bus.
Literature Ordering   Motorola Literature Ordering System. Order manuals and specs directly over the internet.
Discovery Online, Star Log Archive   Hubble Space Telescope information and links.
NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page   NASA is always a great place to find robotics
Tomoe USA Incorporated   They make a robot that makes Sushi. If you like your tuna on the raw side, have a look!
Australia's Telerobot on the Web   You can tele-operate a robot in Australia. Pretty cool.
Xavier   Xavier is a tele-operated robot wandering around CMU. You can issue commands, and it will do them at a specific time
KISS Institute Home Page   KISS Institute for Practical Robotics
Jones on Stepping Motors   Information about stepper motors
1997 International Aerial Robotics Competition   The title says it all. This is pretty cool.
BEAM Robotics Philosophy   Solar Powered Robots!
Walking Machines!   BEAM Walking Robots.
Data Sheet Index   Find datasheets for a bazillion different parts.
Chip directory   An online master catalog of chips.
Doug's Lego Technic Images   This is totally cool. Check out the lego robot in action.

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