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Spring 2003 Robot to PC - 2 Way Wireless RF Don Carveth is at it again. This article describes how to establish 2 way wireless RF data transfer between Windows applications on your PC and a microcontroller on your robot.
November 2002 Electronic Compasses - Vector and Dinsmore Don Carveth compares and describes how to use both the Vector 2X and Dinsmore electronic compass modules, interfacing to an Atmel ATMEGA163 microcontroller. Included: a schematic of the Vector interface, photos, and C code.
Fall 2002 Lithium Ion Batteries for Robotics The article describes a universal Lithium Ion battery charger with a Smart Battery interface based on an Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller using GCC ver. 3.2.
November 2000 Robot to PC - A Wireless Link Don Carveth describes how to build a one way RF data link with noise filtration.
April 2000 68HC11 Slave I/O Don Carveth does an excellent job showing how he uses a 68HC811E2 board as a slave device for another processor.