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Fall 2002 Robot: SCROB SCROB is a micro-robot that uses subsumption architecture to implement a variety of different attitudes that are consisted from a hierarchical group of behaviors.
Fall 2002 Robot: SLOTH SLOTH is a robot that is used for rope climbing.
Fall 2002 Robot: CRAWLY CRAWLY is a robotic caterpillar. The locomotion mathematical model of this robot is based on a sinusoidal type of formula that makes it capable to scrawl on a variety of different types of terrain.
Jan-Jun 2002 Robot ABIONIN: Artificial BIOmorphic Neurocontrolled INsect George Vastianos shares one of his projects, ABIONIN. You must check this one out.
Jan-Jun 2002 Robot ANCOB: Artificial Nervous COntrolled Beetle George Vastianos is back for another robot called ANCOB. Another must see.
Jan-Jun 2002 10Hz - 100KHz D.D.S. Function Generator George Vastianos shares another great project. This time it is a function generator that you may find interesting to build and useful on your bench.
May/Jun/Jul 2001 16 channel serial servo controller A project for implementing 16 servo motor controls using an Atmel microprocessor
May/Jun/Jul 2001 Boolean functions' minimisation software Implementing an interesting algorithm to help optimize boolean calculations