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Winter 2004 Lego Sensor for Atmel AVR Larry Barello details how to how to interface the Atmel AVR with LEGO® Mindstorm® sensors.
November 2002 R/C Pulse Generator Larry Barello shows us how to construct a circuit that generates R/C servo pulses using a joystick.
November 2000 Small Robot Motion Control: The Dilberts Larry Barello also presents details about how two of his robots control their motion. This is an interesting article if you are trying to figure out PID algorithms, or if you don't know what PID is!
November 2000 Line following floor sensors Larry Barello presents some ideas on working with line following sensors.
May 2000 A Robot: Dilbert Larry Barello shows us his fire fighting robot, Dilbert. Includes lots of pictures and some source code.
May 2000 Audio Detector Larry Barello writes about an Audio Detector circuit, complete with schematics and a board layout.
April 2000 Interfacing an MAXIM 1204 8 channel 10 bit ADC Larry Barello goes in depth on interfacing an external A/D converter using an SPI device.