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Fall 2006 Experiments in Metal Forming Kenneth offers the first of two articles on metal forming including theory and practical methods. He applies it to robot wheel covers.
Winter 2006 Color Vision System Design, Hardware, and Code for an Embedded Color Vision System.
October 2001 A Real-time Laser Range Finding Vision System Kenneth details using a small laser, a video camera, and a custom PCB toproduce a laser range finding system. Basic Physics, geometry, and video filtering are discussed. Schematics and code samples are included.
September 2001 'The Next Step in CPLD Implementation... Details on implementing our own programmable logic device functions.
March/April 2001 Wheels the hard way... Kenneth Maxon amazes and encourages us with an amazing approach to rolling your own robot wheel. A true artist on the milling machine!
October 2000 Three 68332 Designs Presented Kenneth Maxon presents three full designs, including artwork and schematics, for controller boards based on the 68332. Outstanding article full of detailed information.
June 2000 Have you seen my new soldering Iron? Kenneth Maxon presents a method of soldering that doesn't use an Iron. Check out the shake and bake method of soldering in your toaster!
June 2000 Reaching the Next Step in Motion Control and Sensor-Software Fusion for Mobile Robots Kenneth Maxon presents an in-depth look into controlling motion using sensors and his new 68332 based controller board.
June 2000 Have you considered programable logic for your next design? Kenneth Maxon presents a detailed look into using a Complex Programmable Logic Device, which turns out not to be as complex as it sounds!