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Benny Peter Jørgensen

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Issue Article Description
August 2001 Make 5 Volts using the LM2825N-5.0 The LM2825N voltage regulator and how it works.
May/Jun/Jul 2001 line following sensor The details of a line following sensor on the robot Rigel.
March/April 2001 Robot: Rigel Benny Jørgensen shows us his robot Rigel, which looks great and has a line following sensor that really looks great.
December 2000 A 5-Volt Power Supply Benny Peter Jørgensen shows us a simple power supply that runs on as little as 7.2 volts input.
November 2000 Choosing the right PWM frequency. Benny Peter Jørgensen provides us with information about PWM motor drivers.