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Welcome to the Encoder, the Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society.

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We have a new Encoder editor, and a new look!

The Encoder articles are now cataloged in a database, which will make it easier to browse through all of the great articles we've published over the years. You can look by issue (as before), and now we've got a convenient way to find articles on a certain topic, or written by a specific author.

We are still in the process of entering all the old article information into the database; until that is complete, you may notice that not all of the articles/issues are showing up in our new lists (Issue, Topic, and Author). The complete list of all the articles is still available on the original Encoder index page. Google searching (on the right) will work just fine, using all of the articles.

Current Issue - Fall 2006

Experiments in Metal Forming
Kenneth offers the first of two articles on metal forming including theory and practical methods. He applies it to robot wheel covers.
Desttop Line Follower
ChaN describes the electronics and mechanics of a tiny line follower that is very effective.
IMU Odometry
David implements an Inertial Measuring Unit on a 6 wheel off road capable robot with techniques, code, and advice.
So You Want to Build a Robot
Steve looks at the fun and the issues involved in a first robot and shares lessons learned and super resources.
Meeting Notes, January '06
Meeting Notes for January, 2006
Meeting Notes, May '06
Meeting Notes for the May 2006 SRS meeting.
Meeting Notes, August '06
Meeting notes for the August 2006 SRS meeeting.


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The Encoder is actively seeking authors to help write articles. The key to growing in this hobby is communicating your experiences to others. The Seattle Robotics Society Encoder is one of the premier resources for amateur robotics on the Internet. Each issue is read by thousands of people around the world. Please consider sharing ideas with us. Check out The Encoder Writer's Guide for information about how you can help spread the excitement!

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