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arrow  Fall 2006
arrow  Winter 2006
Casting Liquid Plastic, Making and Assembling PCB's, Color Vision System, 2.4 GHz Wireless Link, Junk Box Curve Tracer, Meeting Notes & Pictures for September, October, November & December 2005.
arrow  Winter 2004
New Encoder look, a winning Robothon line-maze robot, Lego sensors forthe Atmel AVR, IGO mini screwdriver hack, and an SRS listserver discussion on stair-climbing robots. Plus a new feature, a ROBOTS interview!
arrow  Fall 2003
Building a Directional Gyro, Multiplexing To Get More Outputs, MouseBOT (How to Extract Quadrature Encoders from Computer Mice), BXFlyer Four Rotor Helicopter, and Robothon 2003 Technical Papers and Presentations.
arrow  Spring 2003
Robots from Ryan Wistort, Servo Control, AirMail Stamp, V/I Tracer Project, Wireless RF, Positioning.
arrow  November 2002
R/C Pulse Generator, Compasses, Robot: Basey, Autonomous Fish Project.
arrow  Fall 2002
Robots SCROB, SLOTH, CRAWLY, and ZNAP Walker, Charging Lithium Ion batteries, picoCMOS Multi-tasking, and a Servo Excerciser you can build.
arrow  Jan-Jun 2002
Robots ABIONIN and ANCOB, Controlling the Magnevation board, Vision using the GBCAM, PID Motor Control, a DDS Function Generator.
arrow  Nov/Dec 2001
IR Proximity Detection, Microphone Frequency Sensor, Sharp IR Distance sensor, Build a Spinning Sign, Variable Voltage Power Supply.
arrow  October 2001
Laser Ranging using vision, Hacking a Cirrus servo motor, Bit banging serial on the HC11
arrow  September 2001
The Next Step in CPLD Implementation, GCC and the Motorla 681x, Home Brew Shaft Encoders, First Steps: Failures, Laser Navigation using only Passive Reflectors, Walking Stick: A First Robot
arrow  August 2001
Using a PID-based Technique For Competitive Odometry and Dead-Reckoning,Dual Stepper Motor Driver for a Robot Differential Drive, Make 5 V using the LM2825N-5.0
arrow  May/Jun/Jul 2001
Designing a Controller Board: Part 4, Navigational Model, 16 channel serial servo controller, Boolean functions' minimisation software, line following sensor, April 21,2001 meeting notes.
arrow  March/April 2001
Designing a controller board, Robot Rigel, Hacking Pyro-Electric Sensors, Servos and the 80C196, Interview with Karl Lunt, Amazing wheel design from Kenneth Maxon
arrow  February 2001
Robot: LIRP, The Lego RCX Challange, Designing a new controller part 2, Pictures from January.
arrow  January 2001
Outdoor Navigation using Polarized Light. The Skank Sponge Award, a Lego Gripper, Merlin the Robot, Designing a new controller board, meeting minutes, and more!
arrow  December 2000
Book review, interview with Tom Dickens, building a logic probe & power supply, using a pyroelectric detector, meeting pictures from the past.
arrow  November 2000
More wireless technologies, DocBot Part 2, An interview with Gary Teachout, Line detection using both video and IR, Adding memory to the 68HC11EVB, PWM Frequency selection, Building a Sumo Ring, and pictures from the October Meeting.
arrow  October 2000
Huge Issue: 68332 Board Design, Sonar Hacks, RF Transmitters, Rodney the Dog, plus a whole lot more. Check this issue out!
arrow  June 2000
PCB Software, Soldering in an oven, Programmable Logic Devices, The 68332 TPU.
arrow  May 2000
The DS1305 Timekeeper, Line Following Robot, Robot: Dilbert, Robot: Puff1, Audio Detection.
arrow  April 2000
Maxim 1204, 68HC11 Slave I/O, Servo Modification, The SRS FIRST Team.
arrow  June 1999
Motorola S-Record Format