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June 1999

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Article Description Author
Motorola’s S-Record. Detailed description of the what an S-record is and how to read a record Doug Leppard
First Steps: Booting up the 68HC912B32 for the first time Artical for newbies building robots with the Motorola 68HC912B32.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers
Doug Leppard, Benjamin Leppard
PhotoBot: A Phototropic Mobile Robot This paper describes an autonomous, light-seeking (phototropic), mobile robot.
Topics: Projects, Sensors
Dan DeGard, Caleb DeGard
Using photoresistor array in robotic applications How to pack photoresistors using minimum of components for a low resolution vision system.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Sensors, Vision
Dusan Grujic
A guide to printing your own circuit boards This article was written to try and help others avoid the pitfalls I have encountered while printing my first circuit boards.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Jay Couture
Robots... ya can't live with` em... This is an artical about why we build robots.
Topics: Editorials, Basics
Nathan Brown
We are Back! Kevin is glad to be back.
Topics: Editorials
Kevin Ross