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May 2000

May 2000 home page.

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The DS1305 Timekeeper Kevin Ross shows the DS1305 Realtime Clock chip from Dallas. Includes source code.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Kevin Ross
My First Robot: A Line Follower Jeff Spencer shares his first robot project with us, a line following robot. Includes source code.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Programming/Algorithms
Jeff Spencer
Audio Detector Larry Barello writes about an Audio Detector circuit, complete with schematics and a board layout.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Construction Techniques
Larry Barello
A Robot: Dilbert Larry Barello shows us his fire fighting robot, Dilbert. Includes lots of pictures and some source code.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Larry Barello
A Robot: Puff1 Dan Creagan shows us how to build robots the old fashioned way: Steam Power.
Topics: Projects, Motors/Locomotion, Power, Construction Techniques
Dan Creagan
April 2000 meeting minutes Tom Dickens provides us with his monthly minutes from our last meeting.
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Tom Dickens
An Interesting Servo Modification Jack McIntosh of Umatilla High School shares an interesting twist on the old servo modification.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Motors/Locomotion, Construction Techniques
Jack McIntosh