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June 2000

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Finding a PCB Layout Program Kevin Ross reviews several schematic/PCB layout programs.
Topics: Product Reviews
Kevin Ross
Reaching the Next Step in Motion Control and Sensor-Software Fusion for Mobile Robots Kenneth Maxon presents an in-depth look into controlling motion using sensors and his new 68332 based controller board.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Power, Programming/Algorithms
Kenneth Maxon
Have you considered programable logic for your next design? Kenneth Maxon presents a detailed look into using a Complex Programmable Logic Device, which turns out not to be as complex as it sounds!
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Kenneth Maxon
Have you seen my new soldering Iron? Kenneth Maxon presents a method of soldering that doesn't use an Iron. Check out the shake and bake method of soldering in your toaster!
Topics: Construction Techniques
Kenneth Maxon