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November 2000

November 2000 home page.

Article Description Author
First Steps: Telemetry, Using a Radio Modem Doug Leppard shows us how to setup a radio modem to return telemetry from our robots.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
DocBot - Part 2 Gary Livick continues his work on Docbot. In this update, he shares more of his design and his extensive software libraries for dealing with a digital compass and range finding. Good stuff.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Gary Livick
Robot to PC - A Wireless Link Don Carveth describes how to build a one way RF data link with noise filtration.
Topics: Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
Gary Teachout Steven Kaehler introduces a new series about SRS members and their robots. This first issue highlights the efforts of member Gary Teachout.
Topics: Editorials, Product Reviews
Steve Kaehler
Line Detection Using a Digital Camera Doug Kelley gets detailed on how to process a video image to find a line. Great stuff!
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Doug Kelley
Line following floor sensors Larry Barello presents some ideas on working with line following sensors.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Larry Barello
Small Robot Motion Control: The Dilberts Larry Barello also presents details about how two of his robots control their motion. This is an interesting article if you are trying to figure out PID algorithms, or if you don't know what PID is!
Topics: Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Programming/Algorithms
Larry Barello
How to Hack the 68HC11EVB Ross Wolin shows us how to add additional memory to a 68HC11EVB board.
Topics: Electronics
Ross Wolin
Choosing the right PWM frequency. Benny Peter Jørgensen provides us with information about PWM motor drivers.
Topics: Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Benny Peter Jørgensen
The October Meeting Pictures from the October Meeting
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Steve Kaehler
Building a Simple Mini-Sumo Ring Tom Dickens provides us with instructions on building your own Mini-Sumo Robot Ring.
Topics: Construction Techniques
Tom Dickens