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January 2001

January 2001 home page.

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Outdoor Navigation using polarized sunlight Alexis Desbiens shows us an extremely clever idea for navigating using polarized sunlight instead of a magnetic compass.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Navigation
Alexis Desbiens
Modifying the internal potentiometer of the TS-80 Alexis Desbiens has some great ideas and background information on modifying servo motors to get positional feedback.
Topics: Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Alexis Desbiens
The Skank Sponge Awards This contest is the first annual Seattle Robotics Society Skank Sponge Award. The Skank Sponge Award recognizes the hobbyist who has the foulest and most disgusting looking solder sponge.
Topics: Contests
Kevin Ross
PCB Software Update Update of Kevin Ross's search for a good schematic & PCB capture program.
Topics: Product Reviews, Basics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
Lego Gripper Jim Wright describes how to build a gripper from LEGO Technic parts.
Topics: Projects, Construction Techniques
Jim Wright
Robot: Merlin Merlin was designed to navigate a maze of known layout and dimension, in search of a single candle flame, for the purpose of extinguishing that flame.
Topics: Contests, Projects, Microcontrollers, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Navigation, Construction Techniques
Bill Ruehl, Chris Nocchi
Meeting Minutes Meeting notes for Saturday, January 20, 2001.
Topics: Meeting Minutes, Contests
Tom Dickens
Designing a new controller board Kevin Ross searches for the next ideal robot controller.
Topics: Product Reviews, Electronics
Kevin Ross