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March/April 2001

March/April 2001 home page.

Article Description Author
Designing a new controller board Kevin Ross discusses some of the decisions and dilemmas to be faced when building a new controller board. This is Part 3 if this article.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
Robot: Rigel Benny Jørgensen shows us his robot Rigel, which looks great and has a line following sensor that really looks great.
Topics: Projects, Sensors
Benny Peter Jørgensen
Pyro-Electric Sensor Hack Jeff Davis helps us hack a pyro-electric sensor for use on a robot
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Jeff Davis
Wheels the hard way... Kenneth Maxon amazes and encourages us with an amazing approach to rolling your own robot wheel. A true artist on the milling machine!
Topics: Projects, Construction Techniques
Kenneth Maxon
Controlling Servomotors 80C196KC MCU Chae-Won, an SRS member from South Korea, kindly contributed this article showing us how to run R/C servo motors using the 80C196 processor.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Chae-Won Lee
Tom Dickens presents the minutes from the March meeting. Tom Dickens presents the minutes from the March meeting.
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Tom Dickens
Karl Lunt, meet the man. Steve Kaehler presents us an interview with long time SRS member Karl Lunt
Topics: Editorials, Product Reviews
Steve Kaehler