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May/Jun/Jul 2001

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Article Description Author
Designing a Controller Board: Part 4 Some of the decisions and dilemmas to be faced when building a new controller board, Part 4.
Topics: Electronics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
Navigational Model PArcet goes deep into the subject of navigating an unknown dynamic environment, and shows us the algorithms used and the math behind them.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms, Navigation
F Parcet
16 channel serial servo controller A project for implementing 16 servo motor controls using an Atmel microprocessor
Topics: Motors/Locomotion, Programming/Algorithms
George Vastianos
Boolean functions' minimisation software Implementing an interesting algorithm to help optimize boolean calculations
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
George Vastianos
line following sensor The details of a line following sensor on the robot Rigel.
Topics: Sensors, Programming/Algorithms
Benny Peter Jørgensen
April 2001 Meeting Notes April 2001 Meeting Notes and Pictures
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Steve Kaehler