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September 2001

September 2001 home page.

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'The Next Step in CPLD Implementation... Details on implementing our own programmable logic device functions.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Kenneth Maxon
GCC and the Motorola 681x How to download and use the GCC compiler for the 68HC12 and 68HC11
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Barrie Campbell
Home-Brew Shaft Encoders Some great ideas for adding shaft encoders to some Pittman motors.
Topics: Sensors
David Anderson
First Steps: Failures Doug Leppard bravely documents some of his failures so we can all learn from his mistakes.
Topics: Basics
Doug Leppard
Laser Navigation The methods and implementation of laser navigation.
Topics: Sensors, Navigation
Richard Vannoy
Walking Stick: A First Robot John Bono shows us his first robot creation, Walking Stick. Based on the OOPIC controller, this includes his source code and pictures.
Topics: Basics, Motors/Locomotion
John Bono