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October 2001

October 2001 home page.

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A Real-time Laser Range Finding Vision System Kenneth details using a small laser, a video camera, and a custom PCB toproduce a laser range finding system. Basic Physics, geometry, and video filtering are discussed. Schematics and code samples are included.
Topics: Sensors, Vision
Kenneth Maxon
68HC11 Bit Bang for Serial Ports Jeff shows us how to bit bang an extra serial port onto PORTB of a 68HC11. Includes source code
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Jeff Davis
Cirrus CS-60 2BB Servo Hack and Encoder Installation Richard Vannoy and Alex Brown show us how to hack a Cirrus CS-60 servo motor.
Topics: Motors/Locomotion, Sensors
Richard Vannoy
Minutes, SRS Meeting on August 18, 2001
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Steve Kaehler