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Nov/Dec 2001

Nov/Dec 2001 home page.

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Smarter Infrared Proximity Detection Rich Kappmeier goes to into great detail on how he implemented a reliable IR proximity detection system.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics
Rich Kappmeier
A Microphone Frequency Sensor Eli Kolberg shows us an interesting circuit for doing frequency detection using an A/D port on your microcontroller and a National Frequency to Voltage converter.
Topics: Electronics
Eli Kolberg
Interfacing the GP2D02 to a Microchip PIC Aaron Ramsey shows us how to implement a GP2D02 IR Distance Sensor using a PIC chip and a servo motor.
Topics: Electronics, Sensors
Aaron Ramsey
How to build a spinning sign Theodore Johnson explains how he built a spinning sign, including some really interesting ideas about rotating power connections.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Theodore Johnson
Building a variable voltage power supply Ross Wolin has a project building a power supply with a variable output voltage.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Power
Ross Wolin