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Fall 2002

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Robot: SCROB SCROB is a micro-robot that uses subsumption architecture to implement a variety of different attitudes that are consisted from a hierarchical group of behaviors.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
George Vastianos
Robot: SLOTH SLOTH is a robot that is used for rope climbing.
Topics: Projects, Motors/Locomotion
George Vastianos
Robot: CRAWLY CRAWLY is a robotic caterpillar. The locomotion mathematical model of this robot is based on a sinusoidal type of formula that makes it capable to scrawl on a variety of different types of terrain.
Topics: Projects, Motors/Locomotion
George Vastianos
picoCMOS The design and implementation of a tiny Cooperative Multi-tasking Operating System for the PIC Micro.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Programming/Algorithms
J. L. Girard
Lithium Ion Batteries for Robotics The article describes a universal Lithium Ion battery charger with a Smart Battery interface based on an Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller using GCC ver. 3.2.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Power, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
Robot: ZNAP Walker Doug Bell shows us how to build a robot using a combination of LEGO® and ZNAP.
Topics: Projects, Motors/Locomotion, Construction Techniques
Doug Bell, Steve Kaehler
556 Based Servo Exerciser Werner Soekoe shows us how to build a simple circuit to control a servo motor without a microcontroller. Great for testing.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Werner Soekoe
Robot Builders Sourcebook Kevin Ross reviews the latest book from Gordon McComb.
Topics: Product Reviews
Kevin Ross