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Spring 2003

Spring 2003 home page.

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Servo modification for PWM control Ringo Davis shows us an interesting hack for controlling the speed of your R/C servo motors.
Topics: Motors/Locomotion
Ringo Davis
A Collection of Robots Ryan Wistort has an article showing his collection of robots. If you are looking for a little inspiration, you should have a look!
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Power, Construction Techniques
Ryan Wistort
V/I Curve Tracer Brian Rippie has a cool utility project. Ever wanted to watch the reactions between current draw and voltage? This project will plot this on your scope.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Brian Rippie
Position sensing of robots Hans A. Middelbeek has some suggestions for robot positioning.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms
Hans A. Middelbeek
Air Mail Stamp Dan puts his robotics knowledge to use on another hobby: Airplanes.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Construction Techniques
Dan DeGard
Robot to PC - 2 Way Wireless RF Don Carveth is at it again. This article describes how to establish 2 way wireless RF data transfer between Windows applications on your PC and a microcontroller on your robot.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
Servo Speed Control Theodore Johnson has another approach for controlling the speed of an R/C servo.
Topics: Programming/Algorithms, Navigation
Theodore Johnson