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Winter 2004

Winter 2004 home page.

Article Description Author
Encoder status and updates Tom Dickens discusses the current status of the Encoder, including some updating to the information.
Topics: Editorials
Tom Dickens
ROBOTS - Kevin Ross Roboteer Observations, Background, Obsessions, Technologies, and Speculations (ROBOTS).
Topics: Editorials
Kevin Ross
Cathy's Robot Adventures Cathy Saxton details building, competing, and winning with a line-maze robot at Robothon 2003.
Topics: Contests, Basics, Microcontrollers
Cathy Saxton
Lego Sensor for Atmel AVR Larry Barello details how to how to interface the Atmel AVR with LEGO® Mindstorm® sensors.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors
Larry Barello
IGO Screwdriver Hack Tom Dickens hacks an IGO mini screwdriver for a robot motor and geartrain.
Topics: Projects, Motors/Locomotion
Tom Dickens
SRS Listserver - Stair Climbing Steve Kaehler captures a recent thread on the SRS listserver.
Topics: Motors/Locomotion
Steve Kaehler