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Fall 2006

Article Description Author
Experiments in Metal Forming Kenneth offers the first of two articles on metal forming including theory and practical methods. He applies it to robot wheel covers.
Topics: Projects, Construction Techniques
Kenneth Maxon
Desttop Line Follower ChaN describes the electronics and mechanics of a tiny line follower that is very effective.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
IMU Odometry David implements an Inertial Measuring Unit on a 6 wheel off road capable robot with techniques, code, and advice.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Navigation
David Anderson
So You Want to Build a Robot Steve looks at the fun and the issues involved in a first robot and shares lessons learned and super resources.
Topics: Projects, Construction Techniques
Steve Kaehler
Meeting Notes, January '06 Meeting Notes for January, 2006
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Jim Kindsvater
Meeting Notes, May '06 Meeting Notes for the May 2006 SRS meeting. Jim Kindsvater
Meeting Notes, August '06 Meeting notes for the August 2006 SRS meeeting.
Topics: Meeting Minutes
Jim Kindsvater