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Issue Article Description Author
Winter 2006 Making & Assembling PCB's Design, Fabricate & Assemble your PCB
Topics: Basics
Jim Kindsvater
Winter 2006 Junk Box Curve Tracer Assembling a Curve Tracer out of odds & ends around the shop and hot to use it.
Topics: Basics, Electronics
Doug Bell
Winter 2004 Cathy's Robot Adventures Cathy Saxton details building, competing, and winning with a line-maze robot at Robothon 2003.
Topics: Contests, Basics, Microcontrollers
Cathy Saxton
Winter 2004 Lego Sensor for Atmel AVR Larry Barello details how to how to interface the Atmel AVR with LEGO® Mindstorm® sensors.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors
Larry Barello
September 2001 First Steps: Failures Doug Leppard bravely documents some of his failures so we can all learn from his mistakes.
Topics: Basics
Doug Leppard
September 2001 Walking Stick: A First Robot John Bono shows us his first robot creation, Walking Stick. Based on the OOPIC controller, this includes his source code and pictures.
Topics: Basics, Motors/Locomotion
John Bono
January 2001 PCB Software Update Update of Kevin Ross's search for a good schematic & PCB capture program.
Topics: Product Reviews, Basics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
December 2000 Meet Tom Dickens An in depth interview of SRS member Tom Dickens, as written and edited by Steve Kaehler.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Construction Techniques
Steve Kaehler
December 2000 A Simple Logic Probe Gene Elliot demonstrates how to build a simple logic probe using a ball point pen and some simple parts.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Gene Elliot
December 2000 A 5-Volt Power Supply Benny Peter Jørgensen shows us a simple power supply that runs on as little as 7.2 volts input.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Power, Construction Techniques
Benny Peter Jørgensen
November 2000 First Steps: Telemetry, Using a Radio Modem Doug Leppard shows us how to setup a radio modem to return telemetry from our robots.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
November 2000 DocBot - Part 2 Gary Livick continues his work on Docbot. In this update, he shares more of his design and his extensive software libraries for dealing with a digital compass and range finding. Good stuff.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Gary Livick
May 2000 My First Robot: A Line Follower Jeff Spencer shares his first robot project with us, a line following robot. Includes source code.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Programming/Algorithms
Jeff Spencer
May 2000 An Interesting Servo Modification Jack McIntosh of Umatilla High School shares an interesting twist on the old servo modification.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Motors/Locomotion, Construction Techniques
Jack McIntosh
June 1999 First Steps: Booting up the 68HC912B32 for the first time Artical for newbies building robots with the Motorola 68HC912B32.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers
Doug Leppard, Benjamin Leppard
June 1999 Using photoresistor array in robotic applications How to pack photoresistors using minimum of components for a low resolution vision system.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Sensors, Vision
Dusan Grujic
June 1999 A guide to printing your own circuit boards This article was written to try and help others avoid the pitfalls I have encountered while printing my first circuit boards.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Jay Couture
June 1999 Robots... ya can't live with` em... This is an artical about why we build robots.
Topics: Editorials, Basics
Nathan Brown