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Fall 2006 Desttop Line Follower ChaN describes the electronics and mechanics of a tiny line follower that is very effective.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Fall 2006 IMU Odometry David implements an Inertial Measuring Unit on a 6 wheel off road capable robot with techniques, code, and advice.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Navigation
David Anderson
Winter 2006 2.4 GHz Wireless Link Design, Code & hints on implementing a 2.4 GHz Wireless Communication Link
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Johan Jordaan
Winter 2006 Junk Box Curve Tracer Assembling a Curve Tracer out of odds & ends around the shop and hot to use it.
Topics: Basics, Electronics
Doug Bell
Winter 2004 Lego Sensor for Atmel AVR Larry Barello details how to how to interface the Atmel AVR with LEGO® Mindstorm® sensors.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors
Larry Barello
Fall 2003 Building a Directional Gyro Alex Brown details using a Rate Gyro and a Digital Compass to provide a dependable way to determine a robot's direction.
Topics: Electronics, Navigation
Alex Brown
Fall 2003 Multiplexing To Get More Outputs Tom Dickens shows you how to add as many digital outputs to your microcontroller as you want. Both hardware and controlling software are detailed.
Topics: Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Tom Dickens
Fall 2003 Mousebot - (How to Extract Quadrature Encoders From Computer Mice) Theodore Johnson details how to make precisely controlled tabletop robots using the guts of old computer mice.
Topics: Electronics, Sensors, Navigation
Theodore Johnson
Spring 2003 V/I Curve Tracer Brian Rippie has a cool utility project. Ever wanted to watch the reactions between current draw and voltage? This project will plot this on your scope.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Brian Rippie
Spring 2003 Robot to PC - 2 Way Wireless RF Don Carveth is at it again. This article describes how to establish 2 way wireless RF data transfer between Windows applications on your PC and a microcontroller on your robot.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
November 2002 R/C Pulse Generator Larry Barello shows us how to construct a circuit that generates R/C servo pulses using a joystick.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Larry Barello
November 2002 Robot: Basey Andrew O'Malley shares details about his robot Basey.
Topics: Contests, Projects, Electronics, Sensors
Andrew O'Malley
November 2002 Autonomous Robotic Fish A team from Cal-Poly shows us their autonomous fish project.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors, Construction Techniques
Dan Massie, Mike Kirkland, Jen Manda, Ian Strimaitis
Fall 2002 Robot: SCROB SCROB is a micro-robot that uses subsumption architecture to implement a variety of different attitudes that are consisted from a hierarchical group of behaviors.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
George Vastianos
Fall 2002 Lithium Ion Batteries for Robotics The article describes a universal Lithium Ion battery charger with a Smart Battery interface based on an Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller using GCC ver. 3.2.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Power, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
Fall 2002 556 Based Servo Exerciser Werner Soekoe shows us how to build a simple circuit to control a servo motor without a microcontroller. Great for testing.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Werner Soekoe
Jan-Jun 2002 Controlling the Magnevation Motor Driver Board with a Handyboard Jim Munro shows us how to use a Handyboard to control the Magnevation motor control board.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Jim Munro
Jan-Jun 2002 Implementing Vision Using a GAME BOY Camera on the MRM Dafydd Walters has a great article detailing how to use the GBCAM (Game Boy Camera) with an MRM 68332 board.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Vision
Dafydd Walters
Jan-Jun 2002 Designing a PID Motor Controller Randy Gamage has created a PID motor controller based on a PIC chip.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Randy Gamage
Jan-Jun 2002 10Hz - 100KHz D.D.S. Function Generator George Vastianos shares another great project. This time it is a function generator that you may find interesting to build and useful on your bench.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics
George Vastianos
Nov/Dec 2001 Smarter Infrared Proximity Detection Rich Kappmeier goes to into great detail on how he implemented a reliable IR proximity detection system.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics
Rich Kappmeier
Nov/Dec 2001 A Microphone Frequency Sensor Eli Kolberg shows us an interesting circuit for doing frequency detection using an A/D port on your microcontroller and a National Frequency to Voltage converter.
Topics: Electronics
Eli Kolberg
Nov/Dec 2001 Interfacing the GP2D02 to a Microchip PIC Aaron Ramsey shows us how to implement a GP2D02 IR Distance Sensor using a PIC chip and a servo motor.
Topics: Electronics, Sensors
Aaron Ramsey
Nov/Dec 2001 How to build a spinning sign Theodore Johnson explains how he built a spinning sign, including some really interesting ideas about rotating power connections.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Theodore Johnson
Nov/Dec 2001 Building a variable voltage power supply Ross Wolin has a project building a power supply with a variable output voltage.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Power
Ross Wolin
August 2001 Make 5 Volts using the LM2825N-5.0 The LM2825N voltage regulator and how it works.
Topics: Electronics
Benny Peter Jørgensen
May/Jun/Jul 2001 Designing a Controller Board: Part 4 Some of the decisions and dilemmas to be faced when building a new controller board, Part 4.
Topics: Electronics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
March/April 2001 Designing a new controller board Kevin Ross discusses some of the decisions and dilemmas to be faced when building a new controller board. This is Part 3 if this article.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Kevin Ross
March/April 2001 Pyro-Electric Sensor Hack Jeff Davis helps us hack a pyro-electric sensor for use on a robot
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Jeff Davis
February 2001 L.I.R.P. Jeff Clayton shows us his robot LIRP.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors
Jeff Clayton
January 2001 Outdoor Navigation using polarized sunlight Alexis Desbiens shows us an extremely clever idea for navigating using polarized sunlight instead of a magnetic compass.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Navigation
Alexis Desbiens
January 2001 Modifying the internal potentiometer of the TS-80 Alexis Desbiens has some great ideas and background information on modifying servo motors to get positional feedback.
Topics: Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Alexis Desbiens
January 2001 Designing a new controller board Kevin Ross searches for the next ideal robot controller.
Topics: Product Reviews, Electronics
Kevin Ross
December 2000 Meet Tom Dickens An in depth interview of SRS member Tom Dickens, as written and edited by Steve Kaehler.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Construction Techniques
Steve Kaehler
December 2000 A Simple Logic Probe Gene Elliot demonstrates how to build a simple logic probe using a ball point pen and some simple parts.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Gene Elliot
December 2000 A 5-Volt Power Supply Benny Peter Jørgensen shows us a simple power supply that runs on as little as 7.2 volts input.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Power, Construction Techniques
Benny Peter Jørgensen
December 2000 First Steps: Sensing Objects with Pyroelectric Detector Doug Leppard continues his articles by explaining how to use a pyroelectric detector in his fire fighting robot.
Topics: Contests, Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Sensors, Programming/Algorithms
Benjamin Leppard, Doug Leppard
November 2000 First Steps: Telemetry, Using a Radio Modem Doug Leppard shows us how to setup a radio modem to return telemetry from our robots.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
November 2000 DocBot - Part 2 Gary Livick continues his work on Docbot. In this update, he shares more of his design and his extensive software libraries for dealing with a digital compass and range finding. Good stuff.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Gary Livick
November 2000 Robot to PC - A Wireless Link Don Carveth describes how to build a one way RF data link with noise filtration.
Topics: Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Don Carveth
November 2000 How to Hack the 68HC11EVB Ross Wolin shows us how to add additional memory to a 68HC11EVB board.
Topics: Electronics
Ross Wolin
November 2000 Choosing the right PWM frequency. Benny Peter Jørgensen provides us with information about PWM motor drivers.
Topics: Electronics, Motors/Locomotion
Benny Peter Jørgensen
October 2000 Three 68332 Designs Presented Kenneth Maxon presents three full designs, including artwork and schematics, for controller boards based on the 68332. Outstanding article full of detailed information.
Topics: Electronics
Kenneth Maxon
October 2000 RF Modem Robotics Project Rob Arnold shows how he incorporated a 433mhz Radio system onto his robot.
Topics: Electronics
Rob Arnold
October 2000 Detailed hack for Polaroid Sonar Dennis Clark shows us how to hack a surplus camera to get the sonar unit out. Complete with pictures and source code, this is a good explaination of how to get sonar on the cheap.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Dennis Clark
October 2000 Building a Photopopper Jeff Stefan takes us through the construction of a BEAM Photopopper
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Jeff Stephan
October 2000 Skatebot Won! Robert Jordan shares some exciting news about Skatebot, and also more details on how to hack one.
Topics: Projects, Electronics
Robert Jordan
October 2000 Async-Input for the SPI of 68HC812 For a new MIDI project, Roland Froehlich needed a third async input. Commercial available SPI-Uarts are too expensive, so Roland found a low cost alternative with a GAL16V8.
Topics: Electronics
Roland Froehlich
June 2000 Reaching the Next Step in Motion Control and Sensor-Software Fusion for Mobile Robots Kenneth Maxon presents an in-depth look into controlling motion using sensors and his new 68332 based controller board.
Topics: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Motors/Locomotion, Sensors, Power, Programming/Algorithms
Kenneth Maxon
June 2000 Have you considered programable logic for your next design? Kenneth Maxon presents a detailed look into using a Complex Programmable Logic Device, which turns out not to be as complex as it sounds!
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Kenneth Maxon
May 2000 The DS1305 Timekeeper Kevin Ross shows the DS1305 Realtime Clock chip from Dallas. Includes source code.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms
Kevin Ross
May 2000 Audio Detector Larry Barello writes about an Audio Detector circuit, complete with schematics and a board layout.
Topics: Projects, Electronics, Sensors, Construction Techniques
Larry Barello
April 2000 Interfacing an MAXIM 1204 8 channel 10 bit ADC Larry Barello goes in depth on interfacing an external A/D converter using an SPI device.
Topics: Projects, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Programming/Algorithms, Construction Techniques
Larry Barello
June 1999 Using photoresistor array in robotic applications How to pack photoresistors using minimum of components for a low resolution vision system.
Topics: Projects, Basics, Electronics, Sensors, Vision
Dusan Grujic
June 1999 A guide to printing your own circuit boards This article was written to try and help others avoid the pitfalls I have encountered while printing my first circuit boards.
Topics: Basics, Electronics, Construction Techniques
Jay Couture